About Howard Shubitz

Howard Shubitz has been in the business and leads development industry for over 20 years and is now Director of Business Development at Spitfire. Howard is a graduate of the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio and holds both a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education Degrees. His postings on this site are all his own and do not necessarily represent Spitfire's positions, strategies or opinions.

No Need to Reinvent


In my role at Spitfire Management, I have the opportunity to speak to many people who are in need of a project management system for their company. Since we deal mainly with construction companies such as contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, design/build companies and owner/developers, we understand the needs of these various constituencies. We’ve found that each one has a specific workflow or a particular way to handle various tasks within the company. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with these companies.

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Why Wait?

stop timeI spend numerous hours on the phone each week speaking to potential clients (or as we call them in the sales world “prospects”). It’s my job to find and encourage these prospects into participating in a short demonstration of the Spitfire Project Management System. But, regardless of the system, the one thing that seems to be the connecting thread, or theme, throughout all these calls is the phrase “I just don’t have any time!”

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