Who’s on Your Team?

team with spitfireNot too long ago, our communications team tweeted about an awesome masonry robot that can lay up to 1,200 bricks a day. But the robot cannot work alone; it must be teamed up with a human mason. Together, they do the work of four!

We are in the final stages of polishing up a new release of the Spitfire Project Management System, and it is times like this when I can really appreciate good team work.  Some folks on the development team got to concentrate on one or two major new features (like our improved change order budget flow), while others kept the support queue in check.  QA and Client Services and our Alpha-site clients make up parts of the team, too—their contributions are critical to having something of quality to offer our clients.

I’d like to think that our Spitfire Project Management System becomes a part of our clients’ teams. Properly implemented, the system acts as the team member that enforces business rules and workflows, automates repetitive tasks, keeps a detailed audit trail, alerts proper team members to exceptions, and helps the whole team “get more bricks in place” more profitably.

Of course, that masonry robot would be pretty useless if it didn’t understand architectural specifications, required a particular brick supplier or couldn’t adapt to field conditions. Ultimately, the team is more than just the human and robot masons in the field.

Since we at Spitfire have a team mentality, we also play very nicely with others, such as Microsoft Dynamics SL or Acumatica ERP accounting software, or cloud storage on Box.com, Google Drive or others. This allows our clients to use their favorite tools— such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word—but never lose track of a revision.

It’s also clear that 1200-bricks-a-day functionality amounts to nothing if that masonry robot sits on the truck because no one understands how to get it going.  Training is required to realize the return on investment!

Likewise, we understand that in order to use the Spitfire Project Management System as a true team member, our help is needed. We are there every step of the way from installation and implementation to training to long-term support. We become part of the team too!

Would you like us and our Spitfire Project Management System to join your team also? Start by requesting your free demo and see for yourself how helpful it is to have a comprehensive project management and accounting system on your team.

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