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behind the scenes

If you’ve ever attended any type of Broadway show or major concert event, you might not have realized that there is a tremendous amount of work happening behind the scenes—in part, because the audience is not supposed to be aware of this hidden effort.

In a similar way, people see a construction project as it’s being built, but are usually unaware of the major demands going on behind the scenes. Project managers (like stage managers) want to make the best use of their time while handling all the necessary details, keeping the big picture in mind. They need to assure those in charge that everything will work correctly, go according to plan, and not result in wasted time or money.

However, project managers do not want the burden of managing multiple systems, multiple vendors or integration/synchronization processes “manually.” That’s just too much “behind the scenes” work that project managers no longer want or need to do. Today’s project management systems, such as the Spitfire Project Management System, are designed to do most of the detailed work, leaving the project manager with time and energy to devote to the “big picture.”

System integration is the key. For example, the Spitfire Project Management System integrates with

After all, the best project management system is one the contributes to the effectiveness of project managers and assists them in as many tasks as possible during their workday.  That is why, when considering a project management system, you should look for one that fully consolidates your company’s strategic information into a seamless solution, addressing the business needs of today’s contractors, while providing seamless data flow across the entire project.

You can start by requesting a free demo to see how the Spitfire Project Management System handles all the “behind the scenes” tasks. Your project managers may thank you when they realize they now have time to go see a show.

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