No Need to Reinvent


In my role at Spitfire Management, I have the opportunity to speak to many people who are in need of a project management system for their company. Since we deal mainly with construction companies such as contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, design/build companies and owner/developers, we understand the needs of these various constituencies. We’ve found that each one has a specific workflow or a particular way to handle various tasks within the company. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with these companies.

Consequently, when I speak to people who are interested in implementing a new project management system with complete integration to accounting, I find that every one of them has needs that are very specific to his or her organization. During this initial conversation, both of us want to see if there is a “fit” between their needs and what we offer.

That’s when I can share the good news with them! Because of the way the Spitfire Project Management System is designed, the system can be configured to accommodate all sorts of workflows. All documents and tasks can be sent to all the correct people who handle the work (and not to unauthorized people). It’s almost like having a personal messenger hand deliver the document to each person, in correct order, whether inside or outside the company. Any company using our system does not have to change its internal processes—the Spitfire Project Management System will conform to its workflow and work style. The only difference is that now everyone will have complete automation of tasks.

Everything seems to happen magically, but really, it is due to the flexibility and configurability of the system. We give examples of how easy it is to set up some of these workflows during our demos.

If you are in the market for a new project management system and don’t want to re-invent anything, contact us to see for yourself how to have our system help you do your work, the same as before, only more quickly, more accurately, and more proactively than ever.