Build It and They Will Come

stadium under constructionHave you seen Field of Dreams? You may recall it as a sentimental fairy tail with a feel good ending. But is it about building a ball field in a strange place? Or is it about having a vision that connects dots no one else can see? Or about seeing that vision through to its logical conclusion?

Eleven times a year, Spitfire Management invites our clients to free educational webinars that cover a variety of topics such as

  • smoother budgeting,
  • faster change order processing, and
  • easier collaboration using integrated cloud storage—you get the idea.

December’s webinar was “Wow, What our Clients Do with their Spitfire Project Management System!”

Maybe it was just the catchy title, but this webinar was the second best attended of the year, rivaled only by our big release rollout in October. Clients like to see how what their peers are doing.  Afterward, feedback was great, so Client Services was happy.

In turn, the client-presenters showed off some of our fancy productivity features like

  • Change orders that are tracked across multiple funding sources and contingency funds,
  • A template based on Microsoft Word that pulls in purchasing information for an entire project, creating the prettiest, most easily accessible report,
  • Awarded bid packages that automatically build a project’s schedule of values,
  • Monthly payments to contractors that help fill in the SOV on the next Pay Application,
  • A Microsoft Word document that updates all purchase contracts when its table is edited and saved during a meeting.

We picked four clients and arranged them to paint two pictures (and to show off those cool features). The first, most obvious, picture was how deeply intertwined these clients’ daily work has become with their project management system. In fact, they are getting things done more easily with lots of return on their investment. The second, perhaps less obvious picture was how these smart clients had invested time and energy into deciding how pieces should fit together and had worked with us on seeing that vision through to its logical conclusion.

Really, the clients who are getting the most out of the Spitfire Project Management System are those who built their systems to best improve their workflows and who continued (and continue) to implement new features as they are offered.

If you need a playing field where you can empower your team with the tools to complete their work, we invite you to demo our Spitfire Project Management System and imagine what you can build.

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