A System That Works For You (Not Against You)

conductorEvery business has its own unique set of needs, as does every job within that business.

The construction industry is unique and every project manager’s job is very demanding. It’s like conducting an orchestra. The PM has to know about every note–what it is and how it contributes to the whole piece–while at the same time, actually playing the entire selection with the orchestra.

Many construction companies have not thought out their workflows and have a de facto system in place consisting of spreadsheets, email, and Microsoft Word docs all on a server in the back room. In this environment, no one ever really knows what is going on or has control of the “Big Picture.” Everyone does his or her own thing. There is no standardization. Starting a new project means doing things from scratch, every time. And the worst thing is that profits are eaten up!

What such companies need is a system designed for almost any construction project that really works with all the project team members and participants–not a system that works against everyone!

With today’s technology, the lives of PMs can be made simpler. The right project management system allows them to maintain control of every aspect of every project and to know where everything is at all times. In the process, top management gets what they need too: that control of the bottom line!

The right project management system also provides all project participants with “on time” information and gives control and understanding of the financial health of each project to those with proper access. Staying on top of the details helps everyone sleep at night and maybe even “have a life” after work.

Today everyone wants to connect on any browser-based device, at anytime and from anywhere. That is the norm today, not the exception. The right project management system allows for any device, anytime, anywhere access.

If your project management system is not doing these things for you right now, then you need to consider one, such as the Spitfire Project Management System, that can actually work for you and with you and take some of the burden away from all the grueling tasks associated with construction project management.

May I suggest you start your search for the right project management system with our free demo?