Organize the Incoming

overwhelmed by infoDavid Allen, a time-management expert, states that we all know that a computer is a powerful tool that can make our work easier, faster and more efficient–but few of us are realizing these objectives.  Why not? We don’t achieve our goals for the same reason we can’t find the television remote or our car keys.  We are human and most of us don’t actually organize our work and/or follow that organization all the time.  Most of us spend approximately one third of our time just trying to find our “lost things” even if they are on the computer. This is especially true for computer workers who share data and processes with co-workers.

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Finding the Right Tree Ring in a Forest of Information

Tree DoctorDennis recently blogged about how RFI’s are similar to blood cells, in part because of how important the proper, healthy circulation of information is to the life of every project.

Yet he and I also have threads going about the problems caused by disorganized data.  It occurred to me that these two topics intersect. Yes, it is incredibly important that RFIs circulate freely and correctly.  But it is just as important that you have clear, precise information about when that RFI circulated and to whom.

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