45 Minutes that Can Change the Fate of Your Company

want demoAs the director of business development for Spitfire Management, I get the chance to speak to a variety of people.  Many may be in need of their first project management system or have been using an older, off-the-shelf or homegrown system for many years.  It’s my job to bring the Spitfire Project Management System to their attention.  I also get to hear a variety of excuses as to why they don’t really need to spend the time looking at any systems.

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Prepping for a Demo

Vendor DemoPreparing yourself and your team for a vendor demonstration
Getting ready for a demonstration is an extremely important activity, since you’ll be evaluating a system that is going to be used to help you operate your business for many years to come.

Assemble The Team
Form a team of people who are intimately involved in the use of your current systems and workflows and who can clearly articulate the problems they are having.  Commit these statements to paper for review by others.

Before deciding on which vendors to call in, you must do your due diligence and research the systems that are available and that you feel most closely match your needs.

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