Mile High

denverI’m on my way to the Mile-High City.

I’ve been to Denver several times and every time it has been a blast.

The Guinness World Record attributes Denver with some of the craziest and “largest” records. Denver has managed or attempted the largest Zombie Crawl, the largest Gorilla Run, and the largest Beer Festival (the largest gathering of suds lovers in the world with 49,000 beer geeks, 600 brewers and 3,000 different brews). In fact, every autumn is Beer Fest during which the city boasts more than 150 beer-centric events.

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A Project Manager’s Job Is Hard Enough

project managerThe construction project manager’s job is a mix of actions that must be taken. They generally include all of the following:

  • Plan the work
  • Hire, fire and supervise team members
  • Get equipment and materials
  • Set goals
  • Stay on time
  • Stay under budget
  • Keep all project partners in the loop
  • Communicate well with management
  • Draft contracts
  • Manage risk

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Spreadsheets Plus

excel_spreadsheetIn a recent Construction Technology Report survey, construction industry professionals made it clear that they use–and do not want to give up using–spreadsheets. Likewise, when I asked a new client if she used Microsoft Excel, she answered, “Extensively.” I can understand the original appeal: spreadsheets are easy-to-use and flexible, allow you to list things in an organized manner, and can perform complex or otherwise tedious calculations quickly.

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