Spreadsheets Plus

excel_spreadsheetIn a recent Construction Technology Report survey, construction industry professionals made it clear that they use–and do not want to give up using–spreadsheets. Likewise, when I asked a new client if she used Microsoft Excel, she answered, “Extensively.” I can understand the original appeal: spreadsheets are easy-to-use and flexible, allow you to list things in an organized manner, and can perform complex or otherwise tedious calculations quickly.

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Just one version of the truth … please!

SpreadsheetsOne of the most ubiquitous documents in a Construction office is the common spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are used for everything: estimating, budgets, forecast, tracking of submittal – production statistics – performance metrics and other types of critical events and data, and even used to create Pay Applications and invoicing … and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is no surprise why the spreadsheet is popular. The functionality of modern spreadsheet applications empowers even the novice users to develop effective tools to apply to specific tasks.

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