Where’s Your Data?

centralized filesSo many people assume that critical project data is accessible and safe because different people on the team claim that “they have it covered” or “I know where it is.” However, in many cases, the data is not really centralized.

Documents are scattered in different people’s personal folders, their desktop or somewhere in their email Inbox, or they consist of just a plain piece of paper. All of this means that the data is really sitting on multiple information islands. Scattered information happens when people do not work in a centralized program that manages all of the data for them. What if someone leaves for the day or forever? How do others find all the information they need?  Usually with a frantic search punctuated by cries of “where is it??”

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What Type of Team is Your Organization?

sport teamsAlthough all companies are unique, each company has employees who work together.  How those teams work together can vary greatly. Have you taken a look at your team dynamics lately?

Does your company operate like a baseball team?  Are you and your co-workers a bunch of superstars? Do you each work independently most of the time, each aware of company goals that you align with your personal goals? Does each superstar have his or her own timetable, striving to be the best at what he or she does?

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How Buying a Car Is Like Schedule of Values Billing

mazda and sovRecently my son traded in his truck for a brand new Mazda. Talk about making the buying decision stress-free: This dealership stepped up to the plate on the trade-in value based on the “Kelly Bluebook”, was equally competitive with other dealerships on the purchase price and offered 0% financing for 36 months paid bi-monthly. The paperwork (without any “funny/shady” stuff normally associated with hucksters) was done in less time than it took to do the test drive.

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