Where’s Your Data?

centralized filesSo many people assume that critical project data is accessible and safe because different people on the team claim that “they have it covered” or “I know where it is.” However, in many cases, the data is not really centralized.

Documents are scattered in different people’s personal folders, their desktop or somewhere in their email Inbox, or they consist of just a plain piece of paper. All of this means that the data is really sitting on multiple information islands. Scattered information happens when people do not work in a centralized program that manages all of the data for them. What if someone leaves for the day or forever? How do others find all the information they need?  Usually with a frantic search punctuated by cries of “where is it??”

Why not have a system that centralizes all project-related email, correspondence, daily tasks, project estimates, drawings and other files, and actions completed?  Why not use a system that automatically stores everything as part of the project workflow without user intervention?

A system like the Spitfire Project Management System stores all project data in one central location, making it easily accessible by everyone who needs to see it and use it (provided he or she has been granted this access).  All team members can then manage, monitor and maintain all project data in one place without fear that it will disappear.

In addition, tight version control exists when things are done within a structured and centralized database as it is in the Spitfire Project Management System.  Knowing that you will be able to find not just the data you need, but the definitive latest version of that information, is invaluable.

Do you know where all your project data is?