45 Minutes that Can Change the Fate of Your Company

want demoAs the director of business development for Spitfire Management, I get the chance to speak to a variety of people.  Many may be in need of their first project management system or have been using an older, off-the-shelf or homegrown system for many years.  It’s my job to bring the Spitfire Project Management System to their attention.  I also get to hear a variety of excuses as to why they don’t really need to spend the time looking at any systems.

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Simplicity vs. Functionality

math-symbolsWhat I am about to say may sound very elementary at first; however, it warrants careful thought. It is often very difficult for those looking at Project Management solutions to decide what type of system they should look at and subsequently move to.

The fact that a system is being looked at in the first place is usually a result of trying (and failing) to solve problems that currently exist and are causing headaches. At first glance, it is usually easier to go with the simplest system that appears to fix the problems and deals with the limited issues “where it hurts the most”. The choice may also involve the general misconception that everyone can learn a simple system quicker and that it will quickly solve a few of the current problems (but only a few of them). Comparatively, in the medical world, this means to “treat the symptoms but not find the cure.”

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