No Need to Reinvent


In my role at Spitfire Management, I have the opportunity to speak to many people who are in need of a project management system for their company. Since we deal mainly with construction companies such as contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, design/build companies and owner/developers, we understand the needs of these various constituencies. We’ve found that each one has a specific workflow or a particular way to handle various tasks within the company. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with these companies.

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Don’t Talk Yourself Out of It

negative self talk

Have you ever had an idea or inkling to do something, or even a plan or a contract, that then fizzled because you talked yourself out of it?

Recently, I had the desire to reach out to someone I had known in high school. We had been best friends then, so I thought it would be interesting to see if there was any connection still between us despite more than 25 years of non-contact. But then I started to talk myself out of it: “It is best to leave the past in the past; people change; this will be pointless; too much time has passed; we’re strangers now, why bother?”

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Something Like Iocaine Powder

Battle of Wits from The Princess Bride

Battle of Wits Scene from The Princess Bride

I’ve mentioned before that I spend some time with young teenagers. It’s nearly time to pick the end-of-school-year movie. Some are voting to watch The Princess Bride yet again. Perhaps that is why during a recent discussion with a client I found myself thinking about Iocaine powder! In The Princess Bride, Wesley has developed a high tolerance to the poison and therefore, challenges “The Sicilian” to a which-goblet-has-the-poison battle of wits. But it is no contest, really, because both goblets contain Iocaine: so Wesley knows he will win.

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