Configure? Customize? What’s the Diff?


lego blocks

When you are considering a new project management system, you should question and investigate how much you can make it your own. You may hear words like “configure” and “customize” thrown around and wonder what, exactly, they mean. To be honest, many software vendors (Spitfire Management included) use these words a little too interchangeably, even though they mean different things. Ask for clarification when necessary.

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Are You Well Connected?

Old tech vs. new techWhen I was a child, there was a sticker on the telephone at the house of an old relative. Yes, I mean the telephone (there was just the one). The official looking AT&T sticker read “wait for dial tone.” When we visited, I’d wait for no one to be looking so I could pick up the phone and listen. Sure enough, there was always a dial tone–the days of waiting for an operator or mechanical switch to connect a circuit were already gone (I’m not that old). Things were connected!

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