Is It Time to Switch Your Focus?

focus afarI’ve been playing a financial literacy game by MindBlown Labs on my phone. The concept is fairly simple: every “day” you can choose to focus on earning money, gaining reputation, or increasing your skills. At the end of the day, your income is compared to your expenses and you either get to add money to your account (yay!) or see your savings dwindle (boo!).

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Best of a New Breed

connected puzzle piecesI recently read a blog post by Joel Levy at Construction Digital that included lots of interesting statistical information about construction software buyers. In fact, lots of the data in that article is a ringing endorsement for both our project management system and the timeliness and topical relevance of our blog posts over the last year.  Yes, even the one about Freeze Rays.

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One Size Fits All – NOT

tshirtEver receive a T-shirt marked “one size fits all”?  These are great if you need to purchase a gift and have no idea what the appropriate size of the recipient is. Buy one of these, wrap, send, and done. Mission completed. Move on. No guilt because you met your goal: one birthday gift out the door and delivered on time.

But in reality, when the recipient of your all-purpose gift tried it on, it covered only the basics–that is, the recipient’s torso was covered from neck (or a little below the neck) to mid hip (or anywhere from waist to two inches above the knees). If you just look around the mall or your office–actually any place where people gather–you can see how many of us are the same size.  How could “one size” fit all?

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My First Software Prenup

contractsA software “prenup” is probably not the first thing you think of when beginning the search for a new or replacement ERP system, but you may want to add it to your list after you read this.

Recently, I was involved in closing discussions with a prospect. We were heavily engaged in two key areas: software deployment options and acquisition models.

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