Organize the Incoming

overwhelmed by infoDavid Allen, a time-management expert, states that we all know that a computer is a powerful tool that can make our work easier, faster and more efficient–but few of us are realizing these objectives.  Why not? We don’t achieve our goals for the same reason we can’t find the television remote or our car keys.  We are human and most of us don’t actually organize our work and/or follow that organization all the time.  Most of us spend approximately one third of our time just trying to find our “lost things” even if they are on the computer. This is especially true for computer workers who share data and processes with co-workers.

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What You Don’t Know About Your Software: The Ugly Truth

less than 40 percentIn a recent article, I was shocked to learn that, on average, less than 40% of the power and potential of a company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is used in Corporate America.

Less than 40%! That means 60% of their investment is sitting idle and not delivering any return on investment that justified their huge expense.


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