An Obligation to Improve

From 1983 to 2014I remember when I was fresh out of college, Bill (one of the programmers with many years of experience), tried to teach me a life lesson: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I understood his point, but also recognized a danger in that philosophy. In perspective, according to Wikipedia, that saying became popular only in 1977. There is evidence of the counter argument at least 1900 years earlier in a Bible story in which a dude who buries his boss’s assets (the ultimate digging in) is called wicked and lazy because he failed to improve the asset.

Given these opposing pulls, I should not be surprised when I discover a system that is still running the RTM version of SQL 2008 (which should have had Service Pack 3 applied in late 2011). But I am somewhat disappointed. I understand the conflict, but there must be a balance.

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