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Realign and Redefine

realign redefine

As everything is changing around us, it is imperative that we remain open-minded, flexible, adaptive and able to leverage the flood of everything new.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has exited our solar system to explore the Kuiper Belt (a 10-year trip), Juno just entered orbit around Jupiter (a 5-year trip) for a 20-month review before a career ending dive through the atmosphere, and Hitomi recorded x-rays from 240 million light years away while tracking a supermassive black hole in February of this year.

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The Steak, The Sizzle, The Dream. What Hooked You?

steakSoni’s blog What a Waste got me thinking and provided the inspiration for my own blog post: The Steak, the Sizzle, the Dream…what hooked you?

Living on the sales front lines I’m constantly exposed to product presentations delivered by a diversely talented group of professional presenters, sales people and subject matter experts. Yep, I too have delivered my share of product demos. I’m not expert but have years of experience.

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Too Much Information Coming At You!


It is virtually impossible to enjoy any connected electronic device today without enduring countless hours of meaningless interruptions.

I’m talking about radio, TV, Internet, smartphones and even the library research computer! Seriously—when was the last time you enjoyed commercial-free entertainment or Internet browsing? Don’t say the movie theater—unless you show up 15 minutes after the advertised start time.

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Forensic Project Management

We CAN learn from our mistakes…providing our project management system delivers the goods!

Through their research “Forensic Project Management: An Exploratory Examination of the Causal Behavior of Design-Induced Rework,” Peter E. D. Love, David J. Edwards and Zahir Irani found, on average, that rework contributed 52% of a project’s total cost overrun, and concluded that “having to unnecessarily repeat activities or processes that were incorrectly implemented the first time within a project can adversely affect the profitability, performance, and reputation of those organization(s) involved; as well as a project’s organizational and social fabric.”

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Every November I get an email from an old buddy looking for sponsorship in his quest to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as depression in men, prostate cancer and other male cancers, and the charities associated with those issues. He is a Mo-Bro!

Do you know some Mo-Bros? Heard of Movember before? I’m not surprised if your answers are No.

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