It’s Time For New!

new new newIf there is a student or teacher in your household, you know that a new year has begun or is about to begin. Generally, people of all ages involved with traditional schools in the U.S. know that these weeks are about new: new teachers/students, new things to learn, new people to meet, new outfits to wear, new challenges and rewards to experience. For those who look forward to “new,” there is a certain excitement in the air.

There is a certain excitement and energy in the offices of Spitfire Management also.

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Awe Thanks

treeI recently enjoyed reading The Healing Power of Nature, an article in the July 14th issue of TIME magazine by Alexandra Sifferlin. One of the points in the piece was that a 2015 study found that people who spent 60 seconds looking up at towering trees were more likely to report feeling awe than those who looked at equally tall buildings.  

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