Quick Decisions or Considered Decisions?

appliances 2Recently we moved to a new house.  Although we’ve moved quite a few times in the past, this move was different.  In prior moves, we moved from one location to a new location—e.g. from Valencia, CA to Portland OR then to Coral Springs FL, etc. But this move was different because we moved from one condo to another condo in the same complex. Moving from the house in Virginia to the condo in Indiana was a challenging move and prompted us to discard, donate, or distribute to relatives a lot of our “stuff.” But this move was different. It was the first time our “stuff’ wasn’t loaded into a van and moved miles away.

This time, we patiently watched as the new place was being built. This time we were selecting flooring, faucets, tiles, you name it…  And this is where all the problems started.

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The Steak, The Sizzle, The Dream. What Hooked You?

steakSoni’s blog What a Waste got me thinking and provided the inspiration for my own blog post: The Steak, the Sizzle, the Dream…what hooked you?

Living on the sales front lines I’m constantly exposed to product presentations delivered by a diversely talented group of professional presenters, sales people and subject matter experts. Yep, I too have delivered my share of product demos. I’m not expert but have years of experience.

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