Is Change Good or Bad?

changeMost people say that two things are inevitable–death and taxes–but I’m adding a third: change.

Our attitude really affects the answer to the question: “Is change good or bad?” Our  answer is subjective. If it’s something we want, change is good; if it’s something we don’t want, change is bad. But what about those changes over which we have little control?

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The Riskier Risk

two cars on roadI was out for another bike ride this past weekend and I noticed once again how differently the drivers in Virginia and New York behave. In Virginia, drivers seem to stay in the far right of their lane, hugging the white line. In New York, the opposite is true: drivers seem to prefer the center yellow line and leave as much space as possible on the right.

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Risky Business

stressed manIf projects, especially large-scale projects, are your business, you know that there is a certain amount of risk involved in getting to the finish line. So many things can go wrong! The wrong specs or plans can be inadvertently approved; the budget can be revised by a person without authorization; an outdated version of a file can be followed; work can be done without the proper permits; communication can break down among team members; cost increases can sneak up; certain people can be left out of hearing new, critical information; due dates might pass without notice; and unavoidable delays might cause changes that wreak havoc unless they are monitored and compensated for correctly.

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