Consider Functionality Before the “Cloud”

cloudIt seems that in many cases, the issue of “Cloud” based software solutions versus traditional self-hosted solutions has become the primary decision point for companies procuring project management/accounting software.  Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at the expense of what should be the single most important consideration: functionality.

Functionality is the hard part.  It is the hardest for the software company to deliver; the hardest to implement; the hardest for users to understand; and the hardest for purchasers to evaluate.  Getting from functional evaluation through to completed functional implementation means “rolling up one’s sleeves” and doing some very detailed work.  Unfortunately, all too often, the specter of doing this due diligence is more than people want to embark on.  Furthermore, because of all the industry-wide buzz and hype regarding “the Cloud,” people become easily distracted, and end up focusing all of their attention on the Cloud issue.

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When Progress Stalls, Force a Move

todolistAll too often I hear, “I’m waiting for the client’s response before doing xxx…”

In many cases, the other party doesn’t fully appreciate the impact of indecision or inattention. They quickly become a second-tier item on your plate and fall victim to other priorities, bumped schedules and lengthy delays due to the domino effect. Then, and often without warning, the other party is calling and demanding immediate action, causing you to scramble to make it appear as if they were Number One on your list.

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Useful Information

funnel of dataI decided to give into temptation and pick up on Dennis’ thread Beyond the Data.  See, it appeals to the geek in me: I love data and playing with it, even though I know I am not in the same league as Stephen Wolfram.

But, I also like to think of myself as having a pragmatic side.  All that data is only of value if it helps us produce better results. Or make good decisions faster.

So I spent a few minutes and thought of a concrete example of how the data behind a project management system can help people act smarter in construction project management.

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