Choosing Project Management Software

decisionsMost companies embark down a surprisingly unplanned and unstructured path when looking at Project Management software.

Sometimes the initiative starts from the top, sometimes it starts with Project Managers, and sometimes it starts with an IT department. However, it is surprising how often these searches begin without the other players knowing about the search, without evaluation criteria being established, without budgets being established – basically with no plan at all.

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Data Deduplication and Single Instance Storage

deduplicationOkay, so this article is for the IT Crowd, or at least those who thought the British comedy was funny.   You see, sales told me that the fact that our system includes automatic and transparent Data Deduplication is so darn dry and boring that they couldn’t imagine including it in a fact sheet anywhere.

Apparently, the feature is so obscure  that even Google Chrome’s spell check doesn’t believe “deduplication” is a word.   Maybe that’s why Wikipedia has entries for both Data Deduplication and Single Instance Storage.

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Too Much Information

too much informationI have the distinct pleasure of spending a short time each week with a handful of kids, most often middle school age.  I learn a lot from them: for example, thanks in part to text messaging, teens have even more acronyms than the software industry — which is astounding!

Hearing them banter about one of those acronyms “TMI” got me thinking.  TMI strictly means “Too Much Information”, but also carries the connotation of some fact or piece of information that the party didn’t want or need to know.

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