Demo Without a Safety Net

no safety netProbably each of us has had the experience of going to the circus, or seeing one on television, and watching the people on the flying trapeze. To heighten the interest of those watching, it was sometimes the practice to eliminate the safety net and do the act without it. Naturally, this meant certain injury or death to that “man or woman on the flying trapeze” if an accident happened during the act.

But these performers were willing to take the chance of not having the benefit of the safety net in order to gain notoriety and put more suspense into the performance. They were betting that their skill, years of practice and all their special rigging would keep them safe during their live performance.

Well, demonstrations of the Spitfire Project Management System are live performances without safety nets also, although we don’t do that in order to gain notoriety or put more suspense into the performance. Rather, our demos are live because that allows our guests to see whatever it is they would like to see demonstrated on the system. We address the needs of our prospective clients by letting them choose their path of discovery.

A Spitfire demonstration is not a PowerPoint presentation or a video (or series of videos) that demonstrates only a particular set of features. We take our participants through a variety of typical scenarios using a live system with real data and we are not afraid to let participants ask whatever questions they have, and to take them┬áto whatever areas needed in order to answer their questions–all on the live system. We don’t need to give a canned presentation because we are confident that the Spitfire Project Management System is flexible and powerful enough to fit any project management workflow that an end user would want to see or create.

So, if you want your chance to see the Spitfire Project Management System put through its paces during a live demonstration–all without a safety net!–request a demo and prepare your questions.