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please-okI do believe that one of the strengths of Spitfire Management is our close relationships with our clients. Development spends a considerable amount of time and energy keeping up with new trends in technology and exploring what clients will be looking for next in project management software. Each version of the Spitfire Project Management System offers major new features and better ways to get tasks done. But Development also listens to our existing clients, who are free to ask at any time for improved features–both big and small–through enhancement requests.

Here are just a few examples of requests that came from our clients that led to new functionality in a version of the Spitfire Project Management System. Some changes may seem like small details, but each request came from a desire to make work easier for someone.

  • I’d like to configure Item numbers to include leading zeroes.
  • I’d like to automatically copy addresses when I create a document.
  • I’d like to be warned if I am not looking at the most current budget.
  • I’d like to block budget revisions from posting when any budget line goes negative.
  • I’d like to sort my overdue documents and have them appear in descending order.
  • I’d like a new contact’s phone and fax number to appear automatically once that contact is associated with a company.
  • I’d like to automate the sending of materials to vendors who have responded positively to our Invitation to Bid.
  • I’d like a way to organize and group our related projects.

Imagine asking a major corporation, like Microsoft or Google, for a tweak to their software!

I would advise anyone who is thinking about acquiring a new project management system to research the company behind the product to see how receptive it is to requests from clients; however, I know that that information may be hard to glean. For the most part, websites and marketing material don’t mention how much clients influence new versions of the software.

So I am saying it here: Spitfire Management does explore every enhancement request that comes from our clients. Development can’t answer all requests with a “yes,” but the team always keeps this in mind: we are committed to providing the best, most useful project management software possible, so if a small tweak or a major new feature or improvement can make work easier for our clients, it is to be seriously considered.

Our clients have a voice with us. And we are very happy to keep it that way.

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