A System that Tames the Construction Billing Cycle

billing attributesBack in 2014, Adam Bluemner with Find Accounting Software wrote an article entitled “How to Tame the Construction Billing Cycle with Software.” I read the article with interest because I wanted to see how our Spitfire Project Management System (which includes functionality for construction billing as well as for general project management) fares when compared to Adam’s recommendations.

The article talks about “8 attributes to look for in construction billing systems” so I checked our construction project management software against this list:

  • Integration: Spitfire transfers project data seamlessly within project “modules” as well as with accounting software systems, maintaining a single version of the truth.
  • Visibility: Spitfire allows you to easily see data at different levels through search filters, version control and custom reports. And data is stored in one location for quick retrieval long after the fact.
  • Control: Spitfire is a role-based system that gives different levels of access to project participants as appropriate. Those who should view, edit or approve tasks or amounts can do so, and those who should not, can’t.
  • Automation: Spitfire excels in automation of tasks. Through the use of templates, distribution rules, and workflow scripts, many tasks are done automatically and not left to possible human error.
  • Ease-of-use: Spitfire can accomplish many tasks with a few clicks. For example, once setup is complete, the billing workbook actually suggests the appropriate amount to bill each cycle and prepares invoices based on the correct templates.
  • Flexibility: Because Spitfire covers all aspects of a project, the system handles change orders, new subcontracts and percentage completion billing as a matter of course.
  • Remote Access: Spitfire can be accessed anywhere, any time and on mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets and smartphones, so contractors can use the system out in the field.
  • Presentation: Spitfire allows what goes out to your vendors and customers to be completely customized through user-designed templates.

It looks as if the Spitfire Project Management System fares very well against Adam’s list and, therefore, should be on the consideration list if you are in the market for software to “tame the construction billing cycle.”

To start, ask for a free demo to see for yourself how these attributes (and all of Spitfire’s functionality) can work for you.

And do read Adam’s article.

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