Freeze Rays!

Freeze RayHeat is a problem. If you’ve ever actually tried to use a laptop on your lap for an extended period while it was rendering real time 3D images you have experienced the problem first hand (and first lap).   Computers, car engines, battery charging, air conditioning.   Hey, it’s global warming: we are surrounded by heat producing technology.

Meanwhile, what seems more science fiction than a freeze ray?  But researchers are making progress with laser cooling!

If I understand the concept correctly, it is the same basic principles of wave interference that is the basis for active noise-cancelling headphones.  Much research and refinement remains to be done, but once this becomes feasible, it is a game changer.  Most “cooling” systems just move heat from one place to another.  Laser cooling cancels the heat (at the cost of energy…hey, there is always a price).

I think the whole idea is so cool (pun!) that it warrants a blog post based solely on its own merit, but I do see a parallel with our Spitfire Project Management System also.

Doesn’t using a laser to decrease temperatures seem backwards?   Similarly, for some, adding in a project management system seems like an additional burden.  But it is the job of the project management system to introduce finely-tuned interference into your project life-cycle, so what emerges in the long run is fewer bumps with increased sanity and profitability.

Now, that’s cool!

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