Great Snacks, but the Meals Were Only So-So

oh noEver been on a cruise or to a conference where the snacks were great but the breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings were limited and only so-so?  I have, and even though there was plenty of food, I went away hungry.

And that started me thinking about the old clichés: You can’t tell a book by its cover and You get what you pay for. These may be old and tired, but they are still true.

Ever been to see a highly publicized movie, only to leave feeling like that wasn’t what you expected? All the glittering reviews and promises in the promos and trailers built your expectations, but in the end, the promos and trailer were the only parts of the movie worth watching.

Ever download an app for your smart phone only to find that it doesn’t exactly do what you thought it would do? How about a PDF converter that converts everything except the pictures?  If you had understood that before you clicked BUY NOW, would you have purchased?

When it comes to software, you need to do your homework. Some applications look very pretty and “glossy” and make you think that surely the software is terrific. Marketing material for such software is full of buzz words designed to impress you. But if you are not careful, if you are too quick to purchase, you might end up disillusioned when the reality does not live up to the hype.

Specifically, when considering a project management system, take the time to see a demo and then try the software yourself. Ask a lot of questions and really learn what the system can do. Find out if it can do enough to address your current needs and also  more than you imagined to make your work easier. Don’t assume anything or take any information for granted. A major software purchase should not lead to disappointment.

We are happy to show prospects the ins and outs of the Spitfire Project Management System because we know that we deliver, just like the conference with the great food or the movie that is so excellent you tell all your friends about it.

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