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more construction workOne of my favorite things happened this week.   Clients who have been live on the Spitfire Project Management System for over three years contacted us because their company’s business needs are changing and they want to utilize more of the features and functionality in our system.  In their particular case, they had been operating mostly as Construction Management (CM) and this year have begun taking some jobs that put them into the role of General Contractor (GC).

Of course, it is easy to give them what they want: we just turn on some features they had not needed during their original implementation, give them a bit of extra training and, in their case, create a new version of their favorite custom report.

The point is that I am a big fan of revisiting implementations every now and then because needs change over time.  After all, this is basically how we do Software Development. We are constantly developing and improving the software based on new technology and information we gain from both our clients and the industry at large. I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating: you should periodically review if you are using your software to your best advantage and getting the most out of your investment.

I applaud this client for taking the initiative to explore ways to better use a resource.  I’d like to think that the benefits of a sound project management system paved the way for this specific client to undertake additional GC risks and responsibilities.  And now, having selected a system that grows as needed is another great advantage to those at this company.

Do your current project management practices help you succeed and reach for more? Maybe it is time for a review.

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