RFIs – “A tier 1 control item”

Why is an RFI like a blood cell? Chances are you never heard that question before.

They parallel each other in many ways:

  1. The count of each is proportional to the size of the Project/Patient
  2. Each requires circulation to be effective
  3. Each has the ability to deliver and receive: RFIs deal with information whereas blood cells handle oxygen and carbon dioxide
  4. Each can instigate other actions: RFIs spawn RFQs and Change Orders whereas blood cells spawn defensive actions to attack pathogens (and where would we be if blood didn’t clot!)
  5. Each requires supporting systems to operate effectively: RFIs require management, control, storage and distribution whereas blood cells require the circulatory system, lungs and other organs
  6. When they are out of control, the Project/Patient is at high risk
  7. Each acts as a lifeline for the Project/Patient
  8. Without each, the Project/Patient is dead

The primary objective for any First Aid responder is “ABC”. Airway – unobstructed, Breathing – self or need assisted, Circulation – heartbeat or CPR required and NO LEAKS –“Stop the bleeding”.

Obviously blood cells are “A tier 1 control item”.

Construction has taught me that RFIs are also “A tier 1 control item”. I’m confident you will agree.

And, “A tier 1 control item” requires special attention!

With the appropriate accolades I’ll leave the care and management of blood cells to the medical profession.

RFIs deserve professional care and management too.
Well architected Document Management solutions SHOULD incorporate supporting sub-systems to provide any-time-any-where access, cataloguing, storage, multi-dimensional search, activity and time sensitive alert monitoring, event/time workflow automation, routing and distribution.

Just maybe it is ….
CheckUpof your system’s Tier 1 Control Systems.

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