How to Get to a Billion Dollars


The Acumatica Summit is being held this week in Orlando FL. We attend these Summits because our Spitfire Project Management System integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP and we have a partnership relationship with Acumatica.

This year, we were presented with a new goal: to work together to achieve our goal of a billion dollars.

When Jon Roskill, the CEO of Acumatica, announced that goal and explained that it would take all of us working to together to achieve that goal, most of us were thinking, “Wow! but No Way!”—1,000,000,000 is a big, big number!

Later, Alden Mills, former Navy Seal and currently a fitness equipment entrepreneur, appeared as a guest speaker.  Mr. Mills walked us through his journey of becoming a Navy Seal and shared the valuable lessons that he learned on that journey. He told us that the first day they arrived at Seal boot camp, they were told what the final exam would entail. Later that day, some recruits left. After all the training and hard work to get there, they just couldn’t envision a way to pass that final exam. They believed it was an impossible task. Those that stayed learned it wasn’t impossible, and over the next 25 weeks they learned new skills which would help them achieve their goal.

And so it went. As the weeks went by, more and more recruits faltered and decided to stop trying. They quit. But the few who kept going, who kept trying, finally did pass that final exam, and they became Navy Seals.

After leaving the Navy, Mr. Mills started a new career as a fitness equipment entrepreneur. He raised capital and tried to market his brightest and best idea. But it failed. When all the others told him to use the last $25,000 to pay off the debt and go find a real job, Alden didn’t quit. He spent that last bit of funding on an infomercial on his second idea—and he wound up selling millions of the Perfect Pushup.

His message: if you want it and you are all in, you are unstoppable. You can pick up a copy of his book Be Unstoppable to read about the challenges he overcame to be the man he is today.

After Mr. Mills finished, we started to see Jon’s goal of a $Billion Dollars! as a challenge, one achievable by those who wanted it and were all in.

We at Spitfire Management are all in.

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