36 and Counting…

christmas decorationsOn this day before Thanksgiving, I’m reminded that there are only 36 days remaining in the year.

With Thanksgiving as a kick-off, the next 36 days usually transition from a sustainable and managed pace into a flurry of events, must-do activities, people to see, and contact in both our business and private lives.

On the home front, this is such a fun time of year. It is like the whole world gets energized and excited–and I get to enjoy it. All people–family, friends and strangers–are, in their own way, contributing to the metamorphosis surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Our family, like many, loves heading downtown to stare in amazement at the store windows decorated for the season. I get infused with excitement by being a part of the hustle and bustle of shoppers everywhere. Yep–even without kids–the Santa Claus parade is one of those must-dos. We’ll be busy with all sorts of events that please us and support others. It is that time of the year to remember that everyone needs and enjoys a friend.

Spitfire Management’s fiscal year ends with the calendar year. All our business energy is focused on finishing the year as strongly as possible in sales, attending to the support queue, and wrapping up the development queue as much as possible. By focusing on the metrics, we ensure that the business is healthy and prepared for the coming year. We are dedicated to our primary objective, which is to make sure that our clients have the attention they need to successfully finish up their year as well. The next 36 days will be hectic for all of us!

I’ll be burnt out somewhere between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. But what the heck–it only happens once a year!

On behalf of the entire staff at Spitfire Management, I give thanks and best wishes to all our Spitfire Project Management System clients, new and old, on this Thanksgiving Eve.

The race to the end of the year is underway. Enjoy!

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