Out with the Old, In with the New!

old and newLast month I attended the Acumatica Partner Summit. I found it to be a good learning experience. One of the sessions I attended was an Analyst Panel featuring R “Ray” Wang (Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc.); Brian Sommer (CEO of TechVentive); and Jon Reed (independent analyst and SAP mentor). During their question-and-answer session they talked about how companies that buy new software systems don’t want just new software–they want new business processes.

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Turning to the Cloud

cloud with arrowI have a reputation for calling things as I see them.  For example, by now, many of you know I’m firmly in the Android camp. There really is no technical comparison (like, who remembers 2012 anymore?).

I find it no surprise that one by one our clients are turning to virtualization and private cloud infrastructure.  As far as I am concerned, Amazon’s AWS platform is the definitive winner here.  Let me illustrate with a real life example.  Sorry, this may get a bit technical.

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Great Snacks, but the Meals Were Only So-So

oh noEver been on a cruise or to a conference where the snacks were great but the breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings were limited and only so-so?  I have, and even though there was plenty of food, I went away hungry.

And that started me thinking about the old clichés: You can’t tell a book by its cover and You get what you pay for. These may be old and tired, but they are still true.

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