Mile High

denverI’m on my way to the Mile-High City.

I’ve been to Denver several times and every time it has been a blast.

The Guinness World Record attributes Denver with some of the craziest and “largest” records. Denver has managed or attempted the largest Zombie Crawl, the largest Gorilla Run, and the largest Beer Festival (the largest gathering of suds lovers in the world with 49,000 beer geeks, 600 brewers and 3,000 different brews). In fact, every autumn is Beer Fest during which the city boasts more than 150 beer-centric events.

And how about Colorado Amendment 64?  Reader’s Digest-version cannabis consumption is permitted in a manner similar to that of alcohol with licensed cultivation facilities and retail stores.

Now consider the abundant access to beer and cannabis for a moment, then ask yourself if “Mile High” refers to elevation above sea level…or a state of mind?

In all seriousness, Denver and the surrounding areas offer some of the most spectacular scenery and events to enjoy as you wish.

While the purpose of my trip is business, my wife and I have plans to visit the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park and take the railroad from Canon City up the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas. This will afford us two points of view, looking down into the canyon from the bridge and looking up from the river side tracks to the bridge high above. Talk about being high–the maximum depth of the Royal Gorge is 1,250 feet!

But the real reason for the trip is the Acumatica Partner Summit being held right outside Denver on August 24-26, with training events up to August 29.

As one of the sponsors of this event, we at Spitfire Management are leveraging this summit to officially release the latest version of our Spitfire Project Management System. A primary focus of this release is the full integration of our system with the Acumatica Cloud ERP system. With both systems hosted in the cloud, project-centric companies can take advantage of the full set of functions and features offered by this integrated solution wherever the work is, whether it be at a client site, in the field, the corner coffee shop, or even a beer fest! Spitfire + Acumatica offer true anytime, anywhere and any device computing.

Experiencing the energy of the folks in Denver, looking down from a bridge at a river some 1,000 feet below and (last but not least!) presenting our latest and greatest software to the Acumatica VAR channel is bound to be a euphoric mile-high adventure!

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