Buy Your Project Manager a Latte!

cafe lattesIn my job here at Spitfire Management, I get to speak to a lot of people who are interested in our Spitfire Project Management System. Now certainly, everyone has a budget that is usually difficult to exceed, but reacting to price alone when searching for a project management system really limits the search. The cost justification of any system should be carefully weighed against the benefits that the system affords, once implemented.

Picture this scenario: You know that one of your project managers likes Café Lattes from Starbucks. So, you offer to buy him one each day, just to make his day and work life more pleasant. He really appreciates your gesture and keeps on trying to do his best, and that’s commendable. But nothing in his work environment has changed to make his job easier. So, even though you’ve tried to motivate and improve the work situation, everything in that person’s work life is still the same.

Now consider that for less than the price of a Starbucks Grande Café Latte (approximately $3.65) per day, you can give that project manager a tool that can really and dramatically impact and change his or her work life and make daily tasks much easier. And the big plus is that it can improve overall company performance and communications, actually resulting in a better bottom line for each project, as well as for the entire company.

I suspect that any owner or manager would gladly invest that sum, per day, to get a happier and more productive employee, as well as true bottom line performance for the company. Sure, it’s a very simple way of looking at the budget situation, yet this is a way of understanding that you can implement one of the most comprehensive project management solutions available today…for less than the cost of that latte!

If you are ready to consider all the ways work can actually become easier for your project manager, ask for a free demo. Then treat your project manager to a Café Latte to celebrate.

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