Following Through on Resolutions

chips and dipI was in the supermarket the other day, right before Super Bowl Sunday. The displays for almost every kind of snack food and beer had been strategically planned and lavishly executed. These really did a great job of catching your eye and helping build toward the excitement of Super Bowl Sunday.

My son was with me and he made an interesting comment about these displays. He noted that by the end of January, all of the people who had made such sincere resolutions at the start of the year to lose weight so they could “change their lives” were now ready to toss their New Year’s resolutions aside and pick up that case of Bud, along with that bag of Doritos…and anything else that they were deprived of all month long. Now, in less than 30 days, they were ready to give up.

In my last blog, I spoke about the need to dedicate yourself to improving your life and work situation in the new year. And, if you’re a project manager, specifically doing something about making your life simper so that you would be able to enjoy the other aspects of it–like being with your family or engaging in something else you like to do for relaxation. What I was talking about then was making a resolution to get some new tools to help you accomplish that resolution you made.

It’s probably easy to get caught in the trap of being so busy that you just don’t know how to get out from under your burden of all the work related to┬áthe projects you’re handling. Right now is that point in time that equates to seeing those wonderful displays at the supermarket that are tempting you to say to heck with your resolutions. Right now, you absolutely owe it to yourself to change the way you are operating at work and make yourself more efficient, more reliable, less stressed and more professional.

It’s time that you put yourself first, so that you can do the things for yourself and your company that will really make a difference in your life and the company’s future. Now is the time that you say to yourself, “I think I’ll finally dedicate that 30 to 45 minutes to taking a look at a project management system and see if it really can do what I need done.” It means that you’re no longer going to accept the tools and work situations that you were handed originally! It’s time to start thinking about yourself and making your life better.

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