Polar Vortex

artic coldThe weather channel is all abuzz about the Polar Vortex.

Is this a new phenomenon or a commonplace event that has slipped into the everyday lexicon because of the impact of all the cold on North America this winter?

The fact is that the Polar Vortex has been around for a long, long time–just to be rediscovered when the cold hits. The extreme chill that is associated with the Polar Vortex circles above the earth’s pole all year long. Changes in the position of the earth’s northern polar jet stream may draw the deep cold close to regions approaching the Tropic of Cancer (approximately 24 degrees north of the equator). The same is true and possible in the southern hemisphere with the southern polar jet stream to the Tropic of Capricorn.

Speaking of rediscovering stuff…several mature Spitfire clients recently did just that. These clients got reacquainted with features in the software that have always been there but had been overlooked.

They attended one of Spitfire’s monthly client webinars. During this webinar, the presenter took four very common features and presented scenarios and user testimonials on how clients leveraged these features in daily operations to better manage projects. Everyone who attended the webinar came to realize how a commonplace event/feature can have a huge impact when properly deployed and leveraged.

For all those “Canadian Snow Birds” in Florida for the winter, the Polar Vortex is providing a little reminder of the Canada they left behind.

For old-time Spitfire Project Management System users and new clients, the monthly client webinars provide excellent information on how to best use their project management solution.

What’s new is old, and what’s old becomes new again.

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