Is Change Good or Bad?

changeMost people say that two things are inevitable–death and taxes–but I’m adding a third: change.

Our attitude really affects the answer to the question: “Is change good or bad?” Our  answer is subjective. If it’s something we want, change is good; if it’s something we don’t want, change is bad. But what about those changes over which we have little control?

For example, Apple recently offered an update to a new operating system. Wow, I was excited to download and install the upgrade. I was looking forward to the new AirDrop feature that allows you to share photos, videos, contacts etc. with another person’s iPhone who’s within range. (Think of that tapping phones together feature another smart phone advertises.)

In reality, I got more than I expected. First, I had to enter a password to get into my phone. The first time someone called me I had to search for that scrap of paper where I wrote down the code. All the icons changed. Suddenly, I couldn’t find some apps and found myself paging back and forth from screen to screen searching for apps. Also, when I did find the app and clicked it, a message popped up telling me that I needed to “update app now.”

So for the first few weeks, I was struggling and wondering why I ever changed to the new operating system.  But once I learned how to work with the new operating system and got my apps updated, I started loving it. The AirDrop feature is as awesome as I expected. I love sharing photos with my family. The passcode to open the phone has now become second nature;  and I’m relieved that I do now have a passcode to protect my data (of course, I could have added a passcode with the old operating system, but it was so easy to avoid it).

My experience with my iPhone is typical of most of us when we are faced with  a software change. Our favorite software is the one we know, the one with which we are most comfortable. But with new technological changes and updates happening daily, the software we know isn’t the best, or the most efficient, and perhaps not even the safest with the hacking threats we face. But like with my iPhone update, if you make an effort to learn something new, in the end you’ll likely be happier. Happier with the new results, and relieved that your data is now better protected.

Change can be good indeed.

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