Thoughts and News After the Acumatica Partner Summit

The theme Unfold the Possibilities accurately describes Acumatica’s  Partner Summit held at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia on August 19 and 20. In my opinion, based on extensive experience with conferences both as an organizer and as an attendee, the folks at Acumatica delivered on promises made in the pre-summit promotion hype with resounding success. This was my first Acumatica Partner Summit, and I will return.

Acumatica describes its product as the next-generation, cloud-deployable, barrier-free ERP system.  While most other ERP platforms are based on last century’s technology, Acumatica (as is Spitfire) is based on a sound, modern platform, ready for the advances to come. In the summit, Acumatica hit a good balance of inspiring content, knowledge transfer and practical take-aways throughout the two-day agenda. The lively pace of the conference still provided ample time to renew old acquaintances and build on current networks. Surprisingly refreshing was the unfettered access to Acumatica’s personnel at any and all levels.

Sergeui Beloussov, Acumatica’s chairman and co-founder, delivered a powerful presentation on “The SMB Business Opportunity in the Cloud.” He included a short history lesson on Acumatica and several other of his corporate interests. He also spoke to the future and his aspirations for Acumatica as a dominant ERP development platform and solution provider. I believe that his targets, while ambitious, are attainable under the proper stewardship.

Yury Larichev, Acumatica’s CEO, closed with a motivating delivery, reassuring everyone in attendance that his Acumatica team would empower the VAR channel with the most advanced tools, programs and resources under his command, allowing them to unfold new possibilities, establish new frontiers and collectively reach the targets defined by Sergeui.

Those of us from Spitfire who attended the Summit were pleased by what we heard!

Since project management is considered one of the strategic areas in the forging of new revenue opportunities for the VAR channel, we believe we can help Acumatica achieve those ambitious growth targets.  To that end, we have begun work to add integration between Spitfire’s state-of-the-art project management and Acumatica’s project accounting.

By the time next year’s Acumatica Partner Summit rolls around, Spitfire will have completed development of the integration code between Acumatica’s financial series and the Spitfire Project Management System! We’re excited!

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